Am I or My Loved One Eligible for ALTCS?

Are you or your loved eligible for ALTCS? There are two interviews that you must complete to determine your ALTCS eligibility. The first step to determining your ALTCS eligibility is to call in to start the application. Once you start the application you will be first financially evaluated. Do you or your loved one pass the financial means test? Feel free to submit your contact information or call us to determine this. The good news is that you can apply to ALTCS more than once and if you are deemed ineligible at the time, you can reapply as soon as you are eligible.

Does it Cost Anything to Figure out If I Am Eligible?

There are no charges ever for asking questions or beginning an application and no penalties for applying to soon – other than them telling you to reapply when you are eligible. The next interview is the medical evaluation. With the ALTCS medical eligibility test, there are points that are given to the individual seeking ALTCS status. The points are given to them based on their level of need. If they have issues completing their activities of daily living, have dementia, or other debilitating conditions, points are awarded. Once an individual has enough points, they are approved for ALTCS in regards to the medical test.