Application Process

Applying for ALTCS

Applicants can apply by phone or in person. However, it is important to make sure the you are prepared financially before you apply. Call us before you apply if you have any questions about possible financial consequences of an application.
Applying for ALTCS can be a lengthy process. Though the time it takes to process an application varies sometimes, we advise most of the clients to plan for a 90 day application period. Most applications will not take quite this long, but some will, and it is important to be prepared for this length of time. ALTCS preforms two primary tests to determine eligibility.

Application Process

The financial assessment is conducted to determine whether or not a person meets the standards that ALTCS requires to pay for their care. This test includes tests of monthly income, as well as savings such as checking/savings accounts, and IRA’s. ALTCS can also look at the home ownership of a person. In some circumstances, ALTCS may look to recoup their share of cost from a home owned by the person to whom they provided care. This means that the home could have a lien put on it by the state of Arizona after the patient passes. We can tell you more about theses consequences and your options to deal with them.

ALTCS Benefits

ALTCS will cover care that exceeds the cost that you can pay yourself. If you are making $1,100.00 per month on Social Security and your residency at a residential care home costs $1950.00 per month, ALTCS will make up the difference. ALTCS also helps pay for medications and other health needs. For people who have a lot of medical expenses, the program makes sense and ensures that you can not worry about covering you medical expense.

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