Apply for ALTCS

A How To Guide to ALTCS Applications

Determine Your Need

The ALTCS program (Arizona Long Term Care System) is a division of AHCCCS designed for elderly and disabled individuals who need long term care either in their home or in a long term care facility such as assisted living or skilled nursing. The program is available to any Arizona resident who meets the financial and medical qualifications.

People who qualify for ALTCS are people who cannot live independently on their own because of their physical, medical, and psychological/neurological conditions prevent them from doing so safely and in good health. If you or your lives in a situation such as the one described then qualifying for ALTCS to get the care that you need may be a good idea.

Qualifying Financially

The ALTCS program is for the financially needy as it is a Medicaid program. Therefore, there are financial limits on those that qualify for the program. Qualified applicants can have no more than $2000.00 in countable resources, such as checking and savings account balances, life insurance policy values, up to and including larger assets such as second homes. We are happy go though assets with potential applicants if you have concerns about qualifying.

There is also a limit on monthly income, which is around $2100.00/month currently. Sometimes, people make slightly more than this amount but still can not afford long term care, which at a skilled nursing facility (the most expensive care level) can run as high as $6000.00/month. For those in this situation please see our page on miller trusts. (link this text to

Applying for Arizona Long Term Care

In our nearly decade of experience as an organization, ALTCS applications generally take between 45 and 60 days to complete. It is important to make sure that you have everything ready before you apply, which can be done over the phone.You should get proper documentation of certain medical conditions that the applicant has which are causing them difficulty, as well as make sure that your financial documents are organized.

Getting Help

Senior Planning can answer many questions and help you find qualified ALTCS care providers such as assisted living communities and caregiving services at no cost to you, many of which are willing to work with you at reduced rates while you are applying for help. We also can answer many questions about the ALTCS program and long term care in general.

Senior Planning also offers a robust application assistance program. While there is a charge to use this program, it is very affordable and we can work with you to make the pricing work. If you have questions or would like some help before or while you apply please do not hesitate to give us a call.

Options to Consider for Arizona Assisted Living

Decision Making

Assisted Living in Arizona

ALTCS wants applicants to apply for all other benefits they are eligible for before they apply to ALTCS. A common example of a benefit that people can get is the VA Aid and Attendance benefit. Aid and Attendance is a cash benefit paid to either a wartime veteran or their surviving spouse. We can provide more information about this benefit if you think you might qualify.


Budgeting For Assisted Living in Arizona

Making sure that medical conditions are documented by the appropriate medical professional is a critical recommendation that we make to every ALTCS applicant. Medical diagnosis is a significantly more credible factor in applications than self-reported difficulties for obvious reasons. We can advise you further if needed.

Great Advice

Tackling Common Assisted Living Issues

ALTCS does not pay claims and expenses directly. If you qualify for ALTCS, you will have to choose a plan from one of the ALTCS program contractors, such as Banner, Mercy Care, or United Healthcare. If you have a care provider in mind to use once you are on ALTCS, make sure that you pick a plan that your provider accepts.

Finding Care

Making Arizona Assisted Living Work with Your Budget

ALTCS allows some program participants to receive care at home. Some people choose to use a family member as their caregiver. If you want to find out more about what you need to do to get care in your home, please contact us for more information. In home care is a great option if it works in your situation provided you find the right provider.