ALTCS Benefits in Arizona - Arizona Long Term Care System

ALTCS (Arizona Long Term Care System)

Ensuring Care for Arizona

What is ALTCS

The Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS) is an Arizona Medicaid program that is designed to help fixed income seniors and other disabled individuals afford the care that they need. ALTCS pays for the care that you need after savings are exhausted. The programs requires an application and typically takes between 60 and 90 days for approval. Senior Planning will be happy to assist you through the application process and help you find care.

ALTCS Eligibility

The Arizona Long Term Care program is for seniors and disabled individuals that need long term care. There are two components to the application. The first is a financial assessment, which determines whether or not the applicant can afford to pay for the care that they need on their own. We will be happy to go over your specific financial situation to determine whether or not you qualify. The second component is the functional and medical assessment, which determines whether a person is truly in need of long term care. Total need is determined by points and a successful application scores 60 points or higher.

Finding ALTCS Providers

Senior Planning will also help you find the care that you need, sometimes even when you are still waiting for the ALTCS application to go through. Senior Planning will work with you to determine what kind of care you need and what care solution will work best for you.

Free Services

Senior Planning is paid commission for the care services that we find. We do not charge our clients for consultations about the ALTCS application or finding care for you. These services are completely free to you. We also offer more robust services for benefits assistance at extremely affordable rates.

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Getting Care in Arizona

Helping Arizona

ALTCS in the Phoenix area
Senior Planning’s mission is to ensure that every Arizona senior receives the care that they need. We will work with you to make sure that you find the care that will keep your happy and healthy for the long term. Senior Planning is located in Phoenix and serves the entire state for Arizona. We are happy to meet with clients in their homes, or provide consultations by phone.

ALTCS Care Options

Budgeting For Senior Care
On ALTCS, you can take advantage of many great care options, including assisted living, in-home care, or residential care. Many for the large assisted living communities in the state of Arizona accept the ALTCS program and will provide you the care that you need. The plan also pays for residential care homes and even in-home care from caregivers that come to you.

AZ ALTCS Applications

Things to consider with ALTCS
Applying for the Arizona Long Term Care program is a lengthy process. We encourage our clients to be patient while they wait for the state to process their application. We will be happy to work with you to make sure that you get affordable care while you wait for the long term care application to run its course. We can find you good options while you are still ALTCS pending.

AHCCCS Programs

What benefits does ALTCS provide
Even if Arizona Long Term Care is not the right one for you, Senior Planning can help you find affordable options and other programs that you may qualify for. These can include VA benefits for those who have served in the armed forces and other disability benefits from the state and federal governments. Call us today to learn how you can afford the care you need.