Getting Paid as an ALTCS caregiver

How to Become an ALTCS Paid Caregiver

ALTCS Paid Caregiver

In order to get paid as a caregiver for your family member, they must first be accepted into the ALTCS program. There are many steps involved in applying and qualifying for ALTCS and we will help you every step of the way. A majority of applicants are rejected and without assistance, many people never wind up getting approved.

What is ALTCS?

ALTCS (pronounced ALTECS) is an acronym for the Arizona Long Term Care System. This is a state-administered insurance plan for Arizona residents who lack the financial means to pay for long term care. ALTCS is one program of the larger-reaching Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System, or AHCCCS (pronounced ACCESS).

ALTCS is a hybrid program, which combines federal Medicaid monies with state and county contributions in an insurance pool. It is used to pay for all aspects of long term care for clients who qualify for the program. Each county has a contracted program manager that oversees the program, provides case management for clients along with local provider contract services, and client education programs to improve the quality of health care for its members.

How much do ALTCS caregivers make?

ALTCS Eligibility

Eligibility for ALTCS is not automatic. Applicants must provide detailed financial statements and complete a written application. Additionally, applicants are assessed for care requirements through an interview and a medical record review process. This process takes time, so ALTCS planning should be something that a person starts well in advance of their anticipated need.

Our process begins with an initial interview where we assess the level of care needed and your financial situation. ALTCS is very strict both financially and medically so before you even begin your application, we will help you decide whether or not it will be worth your time. Submit your information any time and we will contact you within one business day to begin your long term care process.

After ALTCS Acceptance

After ALTCS acceptance, the applicant must choose to use the benefit for in-home care or for care in an ALTCS approved facility. If you are planning on becoming an ALTCS paid caregiver for your family member, they must choose to use the benefit for in-home care. Once they are approved, the state will begin adding benefit money to their income in order to pay you for the care you are providing. Depending on the level of medical need, the state will pay you anywhere from twenty to forty hours per week.

What Happens if I can no longer be the ALTCS Paid Caregiver?

Making the decision to place a loved one into assisted living is never an easy choice, but sometimes it is a necessary one. If you come to the decision that you can no longer provide care at home, you will have to notify the ALTCS recipient’s program contractor about the change. While searching for an assisted living provider, you must ask about the facility’s ALTCS acceptance policy. Many facilities are not contracted with ALTCS. Any plan for in-home care should include contingency plans for ALTCS approved assisted living facilities. To inquire about which facilities currently accept ALTCS, contact your county’s program manager listed on the AHCCCS website.