ALTCS Care Options

There a number of different care options that you should consider. Senior Planning will help you get the care that you need while you wait for your ALTCS application to be considered by the state. We can also find you long term care options that will work for you or your loved one.

Assisted Living

ALTCS pays for care at assisted living communities that choose to contract with one of the ALTCS plans. Assisted Living is a great option for those seniors that need daily care and assistance. Assisted living communities provide daily personal care to their patients, making sure they bathe, take medications, and eat three meals a day.

Assisted living communities offer the opportunity to socialize with other residents and participate in activities. They keep residents active and engaged. Many residents of assisted living communities find it preferable to their lives alone at home after a time. In addition to the care that they provide for their residents, assisted living also provides community and social connection that many isolated seniors lack in their home lives. As going outside the home becomes more difficult, seniors who have disengaged from the world around them can make friends again.

Senior Planning will work with you to find assisted living homes that accept the ALTCS program. Senior Planning background checks assisted living communities, checks their state reporting information. This ensures that you can be confident in assisted living choice you have made.

Residential Care Homes

Residential care homes are a great option for many ALTCS patients. Also called group homes, these are typical family homes in neighborhoods that have been renovated house 5-10 residents in a small community. Residential care homes are a more flexible and affordable option than larger facilities. They provide around the clock care to their residents and caregivers frequently live on site with the residents. They are always available to the residents at the homes.

In Home Care

Many seniors and younger people with disabilities would prefer to remain in their home and receive their care there. A number of in-home care agencies can provide services to seniors and disabled individuals living in the home. Unfortunately, ALTCS does not cover in home care in all circumstances. Call us for more information about in-home care giving while on the ALTCS program.

Skilled Nursing

For those who need 24 hour care for persistent acute medical conditions, skilled nursing facilities may be a good option. Skilled nursing provides around the clock care from licensed medical professionals. Some seniors may have need for skilled nursing when they are rehabbing from injury. Many skilled nursing stays are temporary and last for only a few weeks. While many people don’t like the hospital-like environment that comes with skilled nursing, it is the only option for those who need robust medical care on a day-to-day basis for an extended period of time.

ALTCS Care Options