Getting Paid as an ALTCS Caregiver

Many family members opt to take care of their loved ones in the comfort of their own home. However, they don’t realize they can get paid to do so from Medicaid through a program under ALTCS. If you are not familiar with what ALTCS is, it is a program designed to help those who are medically and financially in need. Do you or your loved one need assistance while taking a shower, using the restroom, making meals, getting dressed and/or cleaning the house? If so, you might be eligible for ALTCS and you or your loved one could get paid to become a caregiver.

How do I Sign Up for ALTCS?

Signing up for ALTCS is simple. You have to submit your information to the program and within a week or two, ALTCS will schedule a phone interview. During this phone interview you will be asked a series of questions to find out if you pre-qualify. After the phone interview in general a financial interview will happen first, followed by a medical interview. If you have any questions, simply give us a call.

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