ALTCS in Scottsdale

Is there a Scottsdale ALTCS Office?

ALTCS is Arizona’s long-term care Medicaid program that provides long-term care services to financially and medically eligible Arizonans who are disabled, elderly, or have a developmental disability diagnosed before they were 18. As of this time there is not a Scottsdale ALTCS Office but there is one in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. Depending upon what you are looking for, a phone call is all that might be necessary to open up an application. If you are looking to start an application in Scottsdale, don’t worry, you can still use the Phoenix office. We at Senior Planning can also help.

The Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS) Application

There are two parts to the ALTCS application– a medical and a financial portion. The medical part of the application is used to determine whether or not an applicant is at the nursing home level of care. If a person is not at this level of care, they will not be eligible to receive the benefit. The financial portion of the application confirms whether or not an applicant is below the asset and income limit set by the state of Arizona in order to be eligible for ALTCS. If a person is above either the asset or income levels, they will be denied until they are below the limits.

How are Assets Treated?

Some assets are considered exempt while others are considered countable. Countable assets or resources include bank accounts, real estate properties, cash, life insurance policies with a cash out value, financial products (bonds, CDs, stocks, money market accounts, etc.), and cars if more than one are owned. Exempt assets include one home, one car, a burial plot or irrevocable funeral trust, up to $2,000 in cash, miscellaneous household and personal belongings. If an applicant has more than $2,000 they will have to spend it down on qualified expenses to avoid being penalized or disqualified. Asset transfers and gifts are subject to penalty.

How is Income Treated?

The income limit changes each year, but for 2021 it is set at $2,382/month. This means an applicant must make less than $2,382 per month in order to be eligible for ALTCS in Scottsdale. If a person makes more than this each month they will have to create what is called a Miller Trust. Miller Trusts, also known as Qualified Income Trusts, allow applicants who are over income to become eligible for benefits. We can assist with the creation of a Miller Trust.

Will ALTCS Take my Income after I am Approved?

Once you have been approved for ALTCS, the state will calculate how much of your income must go towards your care. This is known as share of cost. The state uses a person’s gross income and takes into account certain deductions before deciding how much will be owed towards care each month. Although no one wants their income taken, if care costs exceed your income, it is always worth using ALTCS to help pay for care. Unless you are a veteran or have family who can help privately pay the difference between your monthly income and care costs, there is no other way to pay for care in Arizona beyond using ALTCS.

What are the Different Types of ALTCS Services Offered?

  • ALTCS will pay for care in a long-term care facility such as assisted living, a group home, a rehab center, a nursing home, or a nursing facility.
  • ALTCS will pay in-home care up to 40 hours per week, depending on medical need. If you choose this option, ALTCS will allow you to keep your income as long as it is below $2,382/month.
  • Medical Services
  • Behavioral Health
  • If a family member applies to an ALTCS approved caregiving company, they can be compensated as your caregiver up to 40 hours per week.

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