VA Benefits in Arizona

Veterans’ Affairs Benefits
Many Arizona seniors are in need of help paying for long term care. For those who have served or had a spouse in the military, VA benefits can also be an option to consider when you are looking to pay for long term care. VA benefits can be used to supplement you existing income, allowing you to afford more care that you could get otherwise.

Aid and Attendance from the VA
For elderly veterans who need care, the Aid and Attendance benefit is usually a good option. This benefit is for vets who served in wartime and their spouses. This is an additional source of income that comes in addition to any benefits that you may already be receiving from the VA though a pension as well as in addition to your social security benefits.

The downside of VA benefits is that they take a long time to process, sometimes as long as nine months pass before an applicant begins receiving payment. However, Senior Planning will work with you to find the care that you need. The VA does pay retroactively for care that you have already received, and we can find providers that will work with you while you wait for the reimbursement.

Get Help with VA Applications
Senior Planning offers assistance free of charge to people looking for help filling out applications and trying to get benefits. Give us a call today for more information about VA Benefits and any other senior care issues that you might have.

Arizona Veterans Benefits

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