How to Start the Filing Process

A lot of factors go into filing an ALTCS application and we are here to help. Currently there are no online applications and it must be ordered by calling in. There are some things that you must do prior to receiving and filing the application. Make sure you have your medical records close by, including but not limited to any current diagnoses that would support the filing the ALTCS application. The relevant diagnoses can be pretty much any supporting information. Documentation in regards to trouble with ADLs (activities of daily living) will also help with filing the ALTCS application. Make sure to have current bank statements. For the application knowing the amount of cash on hand is a must and being able to prove it with the statements is the initial step.

We Can Help

If you have any questions in regards to filing the ALTCS application feel free to give one of our agents a call. There are never any charges for the services provided and we are open to any questions and can easily point you in the right direction/help you with filing the application in a timely manner. We are always available to help out in any manner possible.

ALTCS Medical and Financial Interviews

Once you have the medical and financial information at hand, it is time to call into start the application. Once you make the call you are assigned a phone interview that will go over the initials that are required. After the phone interview, the next portion of the application is the financial interview and the medical interview. The application will have to be filed prior to the financial interview and the interviews can be requested in any order.

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